RGB Technology - Polish manufacturer of innovative LED video screens. We offer outdoor LED video screens in wide applications, such as effective visual advertising and a convenient legible method of conveying information (i.e. in trade, services, tourism, sport, offices).

Unique technological solutions, applied in the process of development and production, allowed us to create a LED screen modular structure, which enables unlimited size configurations (within the module). It helps to select an optimal LED screen size for the location of the installation.

We do not use large and heavy cabinets.
  The light weight of our equipment enables its installation also in atypical locations (e.g. on a roof). Our LED screens provide front access for easy maintenance, therefore we can install LED screens on the wall without an expensive and heavy steel structure.

Energy efficiency - the equipment does not have moving components (fans), which considerably decreases power consumption.
To manufacture LED video screens, we use binned, best quality diodes of high brightness at a wide viewing angle, which guarantees very good visibility even on sunny days.

Production automation (automatic covering of electronic elements, LEDs) results in high quality and repetitiveness of production. We have our own machines and the Product Development Department, which ensures continuous development of the equipment.
We have a permanent warehouse with spare parts in stock, which allows us to provide prompt technical service.


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