RGB Pylon

The RGB Pylon software is designed to manage the prices of all kinds of products (mainly the prices at petrol stations). The program enables changing the prices of six products, while one price may be composed of maximum six digits and one coma. The price of a chosen product is displayed on two price displays, one on each side of the pylon. The brightness of price displays may be set manually (from the program level) or may be automatically adjusted to current lighting conditions (co-operation with the lighting intensity sensor).

RGB Pylon

In case of the special equipment dedicated for system integrators, we allow for creating the software by the client.

RGB WagSet

RGB WagSet 2 is designed for companies that install weighing scales. It allows you to configure the display to cooperate with almost every weighing terminal available on the market. Knowing the communication protocol of your terminal, using RGB Wagset 2, you can "teach" the display to handle this protocol. Additionally, you can configure the display so as to properly respond to such situations as unstabilisation, exceeding the measurement range, the lack of weighing process, etc. It is also possible to program your own advertising text. This makes our dispalys universal devices that can be tailored to meet your requirements. The correctly programmed display remembers the settings even after diconnecting the power.

The display configuration is a one-time process.